India - A Shatabdi Express

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Shatabdi Expresses are apparently the equivalent of our former 'Intercity' trains.  A work colleague who has just returned from a holiday in India has some photographs of some trains and will let me have some for this web site.  In the meantime he has been kind enough to give me a souvenir from India off a Shatabdi Express.  It is a tea making kit in the form of little bag containing two 'Dip 'N' Sip' tea bags, two packets of 'Dairy Creamer', and two packets of sugar.  Then, apparently, the steward comes along with his flask of hot water to make the tea.  Well I suppose that a different way than First Scotrail do things!  Of course to satisfy everyone's rampant curiosity I have scanned the items in and you can all look at them until the train pictures appear.  Well I did say on the link 'A taste of India'.

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