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Here's us all at Bury Station, having arrived to spend an afternoon on the railway.  Left to right there is as follows:- Jen Batchelor (Giles' wife) - Val Richardson (Giles' mum) - Me (Robert and Giles's and Tim's dad) Giles Batchelor and Tim Batchelor.  It was the weekend when the East Lancs Railway were holding a World War II weekend.  And what a great day out it was as well.  There were lots of people in 1940's style dress and in uniforms, including German ones!  First sight we went to see - you've guessed - it was the bar!
Although there wasn't a train in site there was plenty to look at, and in the case of the adjacent photo - to listen to as well.  On the opposite platform was a duo, as you can see, in Army uniform singing 1940's songs.

Like the sort George Formby used to sing.  Very pleasing on the ear as well.  As you can also see this photo demonstrates the type of clothes of the period.

It wasn't too long before a train appeared.  I'm actually not sure what I expected to see but it certainly wasn't the magnificent 92214 the BR Standard Class 9F 2-10-0. 

This engine was amongst the last of the steam engines built for British Railways, and only had about 6 years working life.
Much to my surprise (again!) it sailed past the platform we were waiting on, and reversed into the platform opposite.  Which, with the benefit of hindsight, was an excellent manoeuvre as it allowed me to get the photo you see opposite.

There it stood, gleaming in what passed for sunshine on the afternoon of Saturday 28 May 2005.  The engine looked absolutely magnificent!

We took the train to Rawtenstall and I got the chance to take this photo as the engine uncoupled and reversed to the other end of the train for the return journey.

For more details of the engine you can visit the dedicated web site at www.92214.co.uk 
Another engine in active service on the day was the Midland Railway's 0-6-0 engine No 44422 bearing the 5A (Crewe) shedplate.  I never managed to get a picture of all the engine, so I'm afraid this is the best it gets! 

Still I'm sure I will catch up with it somewhere in the future. 

For some excellent shots of this engine go to www.44422.co.uk and look at the E.L.Ry. Steam Gala pages.  I understand from a contact on the 44422 web site, that the engine is currently, on 13 Feb 2006, on its way to Crewe for some repairs before heading off to the West Somerset Railway to take part in their S & D Gala Weekends.  Wish I was in Minehead! Latest news update is that the engine has now returned to the East Lancs Railway where it will remain for the rest of 2006.

Rawtenstall Station was looking surprisingly quiet given the number of visitors to the railway on the day.
Viewed from the train on the return journey to Bury was this American Army camp.  Well I don't suppose it's too unusual to see the American Army in rural Lancashire is it?

Whether it is or not it all made up for a great day out.

Thought I would show this picture to contemplate on. 

It's rumoured that one of the engines from this class achieved the speed of 90 mph whilst working a passenger train. 

The mind boggles at the thought of how this mechanism looked at that speed!
End of an truly interesting afternoon and need some refreshment before returning to Bolton where we were staying for the weekend. 

Didn't think it would be a good idea to go back to bar, because of breathalysers and all that, but there was always the NAAFI Mobile Tea Room to solve the problem for us! 
Lastly, the day out nearly over, no trains in sight, but a reminder of things past in the form of a signal gantry. 

There are still some semaphore signals in Scotland where I live, but nothing to match this one.

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