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The West Highland Statesman is the first railtour of the year north of Glasgow or Edinburgh  The above clip was filmed as the train arrived at Crianlarich in the Highlands of Scotland.  The train was 'topped and tailed' by West Coast Railways 47 class numbers 47804 and 47786 respectively.  The snow may have been on the hills, but the passenger I spoke to said there was more snow in the Midlands, where the train started from, than we had in Scotland.  He also said he was having a "lovely" trip.  The train actually stopped for 3 to 4 minutes, but I have edited that out in the interests of bandwith and boredom! For More information on Statesman Rail Land Cruises click on the link The machine pictured above was also parked up at Crianlarich.  I assume from the mechanism on the rear end of the 'thing' (right hand side of the picture) that it is a machine for tamping ballast under sleepers.  But if it's not I hope someone will use the e-mail link on the home page to let me know what it's for!
The SRPS 'Fife Circle Railtour' Sunday 18 April 2010 
After it's Great Britain III Railtour Britannia Class 70013 'Oliver Cromwell went to Bo'ness and headed the weekend's railtour.  The above video shows the train coming off the Forth Bridge through North Queensferry Station.  For more information on SRPS Railtours please click on the link. Britannia Class 70013 Oliver Cromwell at Bo'ness on Saturday 18 April 2010.  It is seen here moving away from the ashpit where it had been sitting in light steam during the afternoon receiving lots of well deserved TLC from its crew and support staff.  70013 was one of the last four steam engines on British Rail's last day of steam in 1968.  More information on this magnificent engine can be found on this Wikipedia link
The 'Green Express' Thursday 20 May 2010 The B & K R's First Fare Paying Passenger Train  Arrives at Manuel
May 20th 2010, and I took a trip to Cupar to see the 'Green Express' pass on it's way from Edinburgh to Dundee.  It trundled through soon after a Sprinter and may have been running under signal checks, but it was on time at 13.08.  Topped and tailed by West Coast Railways 57601 and 47804 respectively. For more information about West Coast Railways please follow the link. At Manuel Junction on the Bo'ness and Kinneill Railway Saturday 27th March was a particularly important day.  It was the first day of fare paying passenger trips to Manuel.  The above clip shows the arrival of the first train hauled by the Class D49 4-4-0 No 246 Morayshire.  For further information on  the B & K R follow the link.
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