The Tornado Page (Still Photographs Courtesy of Ken Ward)

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Two weeks after Ken photographed the engine on the Valentine's day trip from Waterloo, Tornado visited Scotland for the first time.  The video clip (above left) is of the train approximately 3 miles west of Drem in East Lothian at around 13.40 heading in fine style for Edinburgh Waverley.  The trip was 'The Auld Reekie Express' organised  by Past Time Rail.  Tornado will stay in Scotland, at Thornton, until Saturday 7th March 2009 when it returns down south on the North Briton heading the train from Edinburgh to York Again organised by Past Time Rail.  This link takes you to Past Time Rail's web site to view their other tours.  THe video clip (above right) shows the engine at Dunfermine Queen Margarets Station at 10.40 on Saturday 7th March 2009 heading towards Edinburgh to join its train for the southbound excursion and return to England.
EW & S Class 67 'tops' the Valentines Day excursion as it heads for Waterloo to collect the lucky passengers! Then Tornado itself appears.  Needless to say looking truly magnificent!  Follow this link to visit the A1 Trust web site.
With a backdrop of the London eye and some rather garish modern stock in the forground Tornado accelerates on its departure from Waterloo Still accelerating away on its journey of a circular trip around the south of England.  For details of destinations follow the Steam Dreams link.   
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The time - 17.10 - and Tornado drifts towards Waterloo. Into the evening sunlight and jouneys end is in site.
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