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This is me on
the South Devon Railway in 2004

These pages show pictures and video clips from the railways seen in Switzerland, and one or two from Germany where went on my holidays in July 2006.  Some of the detail will be a bit thin on the ground as I didn't always have time to investigate where the train was coming from or going to.  Or, in some instances even which line it was on!  However if there is anyone out there who can provide further information please let me know and I will credit it to you as appropriate.  There are also links to a variety of sites that will give further information, and even, in some cases, timetables.

Click on the Bernina Express logo to visit the page showing
Poschiavo Station and Bernia Express video's and stills.
Click on the Glacier Express logo to visit my Glacier Express and Chur Page for more video's and stills, including a couple of shots of the Furka Pass Railway
Click on the Jungfraujoch logo to see the various video's  
and stills filmed on the day we went to, "The Top of
Europe" on a train!
The results of three quarters of an hour spent before dinner one evening at Darligen Station are on this page.
It includes a local stopping service, a double decker train and an express.  Click on the Darligen logo to access the page.

Click the ICE logo to view ICE trains and the 'Golden Pass' train at Interlaken West on a beautiful July summers day.  

This page contains video and pictures from various places
and of some odd vehicles - like one I call the electric
guardsvan!  Click the logo to visit the page.

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