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Class 20 No 118 named 'Saltburn-By-The-Sea' departs briskly from Buckfastleigh Station on Sunday 22nd June 2008, with its four lucky drivers and there families for a day out.  One of the men I spoke to at lunch time said he was having a great day out.  Think I may give it whirl myself one day soon!  Sorry about the wind noise I don't seem to be able to stop it.  The Preserved Diesels site gives brief technical information and more pictures. Same day, same train, different driver, in the practice mode.  There was quite a time lapse between the air horn sound and the train's rather tentative arrival at Totnes, which I faded out to save bandwith and boredom!  If any of the participants on the day want a copy of the photo's and video's please get in touch using this e-mail link
Whilst 20118 is in the 'Railfreight' grey livery, the other class member 20110 is in the British Rail blue livery.  20110 was among the diesels returned from the West Somerset Railway during the week commencing 22nd June 2008.  These two Class 20 diesels are owned and operated by the South Devon Diesel Traction Ltd and information about that group is available on the link.   There is a Class 20 Locomotive Society site available with the details of their preserved engines and of course the South Devon Railway has information and pictures on its own engines.
Other information on Driver Experience Days is available on the Devon Diesel Society's pages.
On the Totnes side of Staverton Station this unidentified diesel shunter was to be found.  If anyone can give me any information on it I would appreciate it. Wow!  The Staverton Signal Box is like a little miniature replica of a real signal box.  But its not a model it's real with a signal lever frame that controls that section of the track.  The level crossing gates are manually operated but how many weren't on country branches.  The time on Staverton Station, between trains just watching the wildlife and letting the tranquillity of the place wash over me, was very relaxing and a much needed antidote to the 21st century!
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