The Scottish Railway Preservation Society's Trip - South Edinburgh & Fife Circle Sunday 18 May 2008

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At the end of the morning trip the Deltic 55022 "Royal Scots Grey" has rejoined the train to pull it out to allow the K4 to turn around on the triangle at Niddrie junctions. It sat in Waverley station making what can only be described as a very 'Deltic' noise!   In the above clip the Deltic fires up its second engine with a very impressive cloud of smoke and noise and departs the platform with 61994 at the rear making very little effort.  We all expected the train disappear down the east tunnel but it was stopped at the end of the platform.  For more information about the Deltic click on the above link to the Deltic Preservation Society Ltd pages. This video clip of the K4 2-6-0 "The Great Marquess" comes to you courtesy of a lovely lady who allowed us to film it from her back garden.  Thank you very much from Charles and I.  The video shows the K4 heading towards the north portal of the Forth Bridge, as it emerges, with lots of shrieking whistle blowing the steam is shut off for the descent past North Queensferry station. What surprised me when I went on the morning was the turn of speed the engine crew produced as and when required.  For more information about the 61994 click on the above link to the LNER Encyclopaedia pages.
I consider the above video clip to be every photographers worst nightmare.  You spend time waiting while the engine is tantalisingly close, stopped to take on water.  Then, with lots of lovely whistling, steam and smoke it sets off.  Seeming to take an age to reach you.  And all the while you are waiting the expletive deleted Turbostar noise is getting louder and louder.  You can guess what happens next! The Turbostar has disappeared towards Cowdenbeath and 61994 makes its way through Dunfermline Queen Margaret's on its way back to the Forth Bridge and Waverley.  If everyone on those two half day trips enjoyed the experience as much as I did then the Scottish Railway Preservation Society would have a large number of very happy customers.  Who may of course wish to follow this link to the SRPS pages to find out about forthcoming excursions.
 The Gresley K4 sits waiting for the morning's east bound departure around the Edinburgh suburban circle. With, needless to say, a few interested people round about! The Deltic sits with one engine ticking over waiting to take the train out to the reversing triangle.  Not as many interested people around it.  But in its way it is just as historically important, or even more so, than the steam engine.
The north portal of the Forth bridge showing the descent into North Queensferry station. 61994 and train being taken away by the Deltic to turn around in preparation for the afternoon trip.
Finally, something a little more modern, EWS engines 67024 (left) and 90026, presumably on standby duties to rescue any train / engine that experiences power failures.
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