The National Railway Museum York 29 March 2007 (Page 2)

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Above:-  A video of half the 'roundhouse', starting at the front end of an electric suburban set and scrolling round which includes, amongst others, the Midland Compound 1000, 'Gladstone' a Southern Region Q1 ending with 'Hardwicke' on the turntable. Above:- The video of the other half of the 'roundhouse' starting off at British Rail Standard Class '9F' 92220 next to the Manchester Sheffield electric loco 26020 and scrolling round to include the APT and broad guage 'Iron Duke'  which is a tad underexposed to put it mildly.
As I am such a basically lazy person (and don't want to get embroiled in copyright issues) this link will take you to the NRM site and will tell you the basic facts about this engine. Likewise this link goes to the NRM site for this engine
 An overview of the "roundhouse taken from a footbridge.  Immediatley behind 8217 is the Merchant Navy Class engine '35029 Ellerman Lines', with a significant lump of it cut away to show visitors how steam engines work. I think we all know about this one - the last steam engine built for BR.  And a maginificent looking mache it is as well.  The NRM site gives a bit more information for 92220 Evening Star
And that great brute of an engine was built by the North British Company for Chinese railways.  With this great tradition of engine building even in the diesel era, why are is there none left and we buy the 66XXX from Canada? A Great Western engine 4-6-0 'Lode Star'.  I'm afraid there is no information re this engine on the NRM WEbsite other than the fact that they own it!
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