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The week commencing May 15th was a veritable railway feast for me.  It started off with a visit to the Nene Valley Railway with my family, and a few days later to the Severn Valley Railway with a friend.  These are photographs taken on the railway on Wednesday 18 May 2005, in the PVC era. That is the 'pre video camera' era!

Star of the day Thompson's LNER engine Class B1 1306 Mayflower sitting gleaming in the shed.  Great sight to behold but difficult to get photograph of! (To find more about 'Mayflower' click the name and go to the official web site)  Or visit the Nene Valley Railway site
The Polish built 0-8-0 Tank engine arrives at Wansford from Peterborough. Same engine at the Peterborough terminus reversing to the opposite end of the train for the return journey to Wansford.
The engine  and train after its arrival at Wansford Ah! The classic LMS coaching stock. When a train arrived looking like this when I was young you knew you were of to some distant town on an express train.
A German railway heavy freight 2-10-0 Built in 1943 and doubtless saw some hard times! No doubt the same as above applied to the people of Europe when they boarded a train make up of these, to give them their full title 'Compagnie International Des Wagon Lits et Des Grands Express Europeans' coaches arrived.
A Sentinel Engine and sometimes known as a 'tram engine'  For more information on these types of engine visit the LNER website although I think this one may be of Belgian origin. The Steam Crane on display next to the engine shed is also in an excellent condition.
They make wagons a bit bigger than 12 Tons these days.  Not as interesting - just bigger!  This is an excellent example of a restored wagon. The 0-6-0 Saddle Tank engine Derek Crouch
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