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  The video clip on the left shows, in the first instance, a 170 Class TurboStar train, heading south, entering the 'high portals' of the Tay Rail Bridge on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May. It is immediately followed by the Green Express emerging from those same portals.  However, the two events were not that close together as the line is single track over the bridge.  The engines are, I think both Class 47's, with one at the front, and one at the rear of the train.

The parts of the clip thereafter show the Green Express on the Tay Bridge and lastly on the downward run towards Dundee Station.  Unfortunately I was unable to get the numbers of the engines as I was too busy filming.  I went into Dundee to get some close up stills.  The traffic was horrendous and by the time I arrived at the station the train had departed and parked up.  One end was near the station but the locomotive was hidden behind a two coach train and the front was too far away to see the number!   So if anyone is reading this page and knows the numbers please let me know what they were.  I would also like to thank Nick Harvey of Green Express Railtours for supplying me with a copy of the timing sheet.  For more information on Green Express Railtours click on the link

On a calm day, and at low tide, the supporting columns of the original Tay Bridge can still be seen above the water. The Green Express resting up in sidings by Dundee Station.  The coach next to the engine is a Pullman Car.  The train set off from Ashton-under-Lyne at 05.15 and called at Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Leeds, and departed York at 07.01. It arrived on time in Dundee at 12.15, and was due to depart at 16.15, returning to the start point at 22.42. A round trip of 675 miles.
The 'heritage' coaches are courtesy of West Coast Railway Co Ltd and you can click on the link to view their website. An overview of Dundee Station looking east.  The two lines in the centre of the station are dead ends and do not appear to be used.
Dundee's Riverside Drive with the Tay Bridge in the background a set of stones in the pavement dedicated to William McGonigall.  You can follow the stones inset into the path and read his poem about the 'Tay Bridge Disaster'.  On the other hand you can click this link to William McGonagall's Online Site.  Here you will find the poem and some historical information about the Tay Bridge disaster in 1879. Replica of an old coach, sitting in a car park, on the east side of the Tay Bridge and off Riverside Drive.  Presumably left there to commemorate The Tay Bridge disaster of 1879 when an Edinburgh to Dundee train was on the bridge at the height of a storm when the bridge collapsed.
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