The Great Britain II

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The 'Great Britain II' emerges from the Moncrieffe Tunnel just south of Perth on Saturday Friday 10th April 2009.  The train is double headed by two LMS Black 5's No's 45231 (front) and 45407 named 'The Sherwood Forester' and 'The Lancashire Fusilier' respectively. No 45231 runs past after taking on water at platform 3 where the fireman also took the opportunity to move coal forward in tender and the driver check oil level in the various bearing oil pots.  Information on the Black 5 Class can be found on this Wikipedia link.
Haaving to slow down on an upward gradient against a signal at danger there is a healthy exhaust beat as the signal clears and the Black 5's accelerate towards the passing loop at Pitlochry Station to wait for the southbound 'Tesco' freight to pass.  The lead engine moves to Platform 3 at Perth Station to take on water.  And I don't think that is a paraffin lamp on the front buffer beam shining through the steam
 Meanwhile the second engine take on water where it stopped The train also paused at Dunkeld to all a southbound Inverness Edinburgh train to pass.
Light engine, Class 47 No. 760, follows the Great Britain north at a suitable distance to provide back up in case of breakdown. Not your average engine crew!
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