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70013 has taken on water and moved to the north end of the Abington loops to wait for clearance to set off up the main line to Glasgow.  And a fine looking sight it makes as well.  The 'Great Britain' tours are run by The Railway Touring Company and details of other tours they are running can be found on the link. Britannia Class 4-6-2 No 70013 Oliver Cromwell sits at the southern end of the Abington passing loops taking on water whist a Virgin train heads for Glasgow on the main line.  It is of course no competition to pick the best one of the two!  70013 is part of the National Collection, based at York and managed by the 5305 Locomotive Association, Loughborough. Their site is reached by the link.
I just couldn't resist putting another couple of shots of 70013 in, as it's such a magnificent engine!
Hot on the heels of Cromwell is the backup engine, West Coast Railways Class 47 No 760 which was going at what may be described as a 'fair old lick'.  That means 'quite fast' for those who haven't heard the phrase before! Following the Class 47, and much more impressive looking, were the pair of Black 5's going north to take the Great Britain to Stranraer the next day.  The engines in question are 4871 and 5407 respectively, and belong to the East Lancs Railway.  I couldn't find any information about them on that site but wikipedia have a page on the class with lots of information in
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