The East Somerset Railway (ESR)

With a special thank you to Steve, for talking me through the details of how they train young people to work on the railway, and how successful it is. Return to Home Page
Another summer holiday and another west country railway.  The smaller of the Somerset heritage railways is a great place to visit.  My visit was on Sunday 27th June 2010.  The engine on duty was 0-6-2 tank engine 5637, looking resplendent having had a major overhaul and return to traffic earlier in the month. 5637 Returns to Cranmore after taking on water in preparation for 12.30 train to Mendip Vale.  And the railway does what it says on the website.  I takes you back in time when the pace of live was slower and brings back the nostalgia of 'yesteryear'. And the trackside scenery of the Mendip Hills can only be described as beautiful.  To find out more about 5637 and the East Somerset Railway please click on the link.
The above 0-6-0 Saddle Tank is of a different pedigree.  Built in 1955 by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns at Newcastle. In Wikipedia it is listed as belonging to the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway but not included on their stock list or the ESR's.  However it looks to be in excellent condition so someone somewhere must love it! Another Andrew Barclay engine, this time of 1937 vintage.  For the brief history follow this link
A saddle tank the 0-4-0 No 1719 "Lady Nan" is used for the "Driver for a Fiver" days.  It may only be small but never mind the size just enjoy the drive!  After all it is still a real steam engine.  This year (2010) the Lady Nan is 90 years old and still looking good.  For more information on this Andrew Barclay built engine please follow the link. The above picture is taken from Cranmore West looking towards the workshops and Cranmore.  On the return journey it is well worth getting off at Cranmore West and walking back to Cranmore via the footpath past the yard and works.  When you get back to Cranmore there is an excellent picnic area behind the signal box where you can sit, relax and watch the very peaceful world go by.
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