The Midland Railway Centre Butterley - Works Open Weekend 23rd - 25th August 2008

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Monday 25th August was definitely a good day to be at the Midland Railway Centre.  I arrived in the early afternoon, just in time to see this well polished pair of BR Standard Classes No 73129 and 922214 return to the works area after carrying their first passenger train duty of the day.  They were paired up later in the afternoon to repeat the exercise. Information and photographs of 73129 at its last major overhaul can be found on this link to The Midland Railway Centre.  Information relating to 92214 can be found on this link to The 9F Steam Locomotive Site Later in the afternoon the BR Standard Class 2-6-4 Tank Engine 80089 and Jinty with a pre nationalisation number of 16410, having returned to Swanwick are uncoupled from the train and return to the works area.  92214 and 73129 await in the right hand side of the video clip to take over the passenger train duties.  Further information is available about its working life, restoration and preservation on this link for 80098. The Jinty's number 16410 was the original LMS number.  It was renumbered to 7327 in the 1930's and became 47327 upon nationalisation.  Click this link for more information, comment and photo's.
Always a highlight of a visit to the Midland Railway Centre, LMS 7P Pacific 46203 'Princess Margaret Rose', sits in on display for admirers at the West Shed, Swanwick. There is lots of information on the engine at this link - Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust (PRCLT) A former LMS locomotive, but a little way off its beaten track, is the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway (SDJR) 7F 2-8-0 No 53809 sitting next to its 9F big brother.  It was only when I started looking for information relating to the engine that I found the SDJR has its own devoted web ring with information and pictures on this link.  And a brief history on the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust pages
 The later reclassified to 'Class 40' D212 'Aureol' sits resting in the afternoon sunshine at Swanwick.  As the engine is named after an ocean liner brief details of its BR life are to be found on a sit related to ocean liners on the link on the left. Reclassified as class 03, this shunter retains its original BR number D2138.  There is oodles of information on  the British Railway diesels is available on the Rail Blue site.
Diesel Multiple Unit Class 101 formerly of Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) sits in Swanwick Station before taking its passengers up the colliery branch line.  More information on the class 101 DMU's in Scotland, where I live is to be found on the scot-rail web site link. The Midland Railway Centre's workshops, and there's not much more to be taken apart from this engine!  I think it is the frame and wheels for BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4 tank engine No 80080.  At least that looks like the number I could see, partially obscured, on a coal bunker on another photo I have!
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