The Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway Diesel Gala 27 / 28 September 2008 (Page 2)

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On my return to Bo'ness, I took a walk along the foreshore footpath to video trains returning to, and departing from Bo'ness.  This would be an excellent vantage point on a warm summer day, with a picnic.  Unfortunately it was windy and cool by the time 37025 arrived.  The engine is owned by the Scottish 37 Group and based at Bo'ness.  Further information is on the link on the left. And then it started raining!  However. I'm not one to give up that easily, I waited for the 16.10 departure from Bo'ness which, by this time, was approximately 20 minutes late.  Well it's not very often you see 'double headers'.  On this clip are 27001 and 26024 heading along the foreshore towards Birkhill.  That's a lot of horsepower for a 5 coach train!
The two pictures above are an overview of the station (left) and the yard taken from the pedestrian overbridge to the west of the station.
 The Class 37's on the left 175 running round its train at Birkhill.  On the right is no 025 'Inverness TMD' being coupled to the train in preparation for its departure.
It may have been a 'Diesel Gala Day' but I just couldn't resist including a picture of 'Morayshire'  It was separated from its tender and was in receipt of some 'TLC'.  Information on the engine which is owned by the SRPS and based at Boness is avialable on this SRPS Link. A sign in the gents toilets warns "Penalty for Neglect 2".  It is well left to ones imagination what shouldn't be neglected!
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