The Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway Diesel Gala 27 / 28 September 2008 (Page 1)

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I have never been to a Diesel Gala Day anywhere.  Well I'm a steam railway enthusiast!  But I thought I may have been missing something, so I went to the Bo'ness and Kinniel Railway's event at the end of September.  I had a great day out!  It was kicked off by the clip above of an immaculate looking D5310 starting the days events with the 9.30 departure from Bo'ness.  A history and spec of the engine is on the Waverley Route Heritage Association web pages 27001 had departed from Bo'ness on the 10.20 train and was joined at Birkhill by Virgin engine 57311 straight off the main line.  This clip shows the train arriving back at Bo'ness 'topped' by 27001 and 'tailed' by 57311.  For a history of 27001 visit this link to the SRPS Museum web page.  For more information on 57311 see the link below the still picture.
Class 37, No. 175 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' arrives at Birkhill with the 12.50 from Bo'ness.  The 'custodians' of the engine have one of the most comprehensive web sites for a given class / engine I have ever seen.  Please visit the Class 37 Loco Group's web pages. 57311, named 'Thunderbird Parker' is part of Virgin Trains rescue fleet of 16 engines which are located throughout the UK.  According to the Virgin web site they are available for all train operators to use for rescuing trains, and also for hauling Virgin electric trains when they are diverted over non electrified lines.  For more details see the above link.
 D8020 sits at Birkhill awaiting to depart with the 14.55 train back to Bo'ness.  If I remember correctly (always a dubious assumption!) the class were the engines used on a BR fast freight train called 'Condor' which ran from London to Glasgow. As always further information can be found on the Preserved Diesel's site details can be found.  Information is also available on the SRPS Diesel Group site An overview of Birkhill Station from the nearby road bridge.  The footpath leading to the fireclay mine goes off to the right of the picture.  I would suggest anyone taking the train to Birkhill does the tour of the Clay Mine.  The link on the left gives a brief overview of the mine.  At the statiion  the 3 car DMU set (numbers Sc 51043/59404/51017) sits waiting to depart with the 12.25 to Bo'ness.
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