The Barrowhill Roundhouse 4th April 2009 LNER Steam Gala

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Tornado back up headed towards the shuttle stop to perform its role as the lead engine.  Apart from looking superb, it also has a very good whistle tone!  This link takes you to the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust's web pages where you can find out more about the engine Filmed from the former line up to the coaling point K4 No. 62005 Lord of the Isles departs with the passenger shuttle train.  The Peckett Saddle Tank can only have been going along for the tow, as evidenced by the lifting safety valves!  For a comprehensive history of the class and engine visit this link - NELPG (North East Locomotive Preservation Group)
Gresley's A4 No 60009 'Union of South Africa' poses next to Blue Peter.  There were engines moving about the yard all day providing different combinations of photo opportunities Needless to say the new Peppercorn A1 Pacific 60163 was, I would imagine for most people the star of the show!  It certainly looks magnificent, and, as someone said to me 'Straight out of the box'. 4
While it may have been a day for the A4's and A1 the Robinson 04 2-8-0 heavy freight engine also got a run out.  It is shown here moving up the yard emitting satisfyingly large quantities of black smoke!  The engine is owned by the National Railway Museum and a comprehensive history of the class can be found on this link to the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) Encyclopaedia Providing a centre piece for a turntable demonstration the 0-6-2 tank engine sits simmering quietly away and being as we would say in Scotland 'burled' around!  The engine is owned by the East Anglia Railway Museum and the engines history can be found on the link on the left
Left out of the limelight in the shed the Barrowhill home based engine 41709 keeps Black 5 45110 company Something a lot more modern, two EWS class 67's 'topped and tailed' an excursion train which arrived round about lunchtime.  The crowds then swelled significantly when all that trains passengers disembarked.
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