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My first visit to a Barrow Hill Steam Gala, and I can only say I was well impressed.  All those engines in steam at once - it was almost to good to be true.  However, it was a shame 61994 was relegated to freight duties!  The last time I saw it was on the 'Great Britain'.  But I'm sure all concerned were very happy with the number of people who turned up to admire it. When I arrived at just after 9.00 a.m. and got my 'Early bird' ticket, the steam engines had already left the roundhouse, with the exception of B1 61264.  But there was an impressive collection of diesels to see.  Including an immaculate D8000.  The shed entrance had lots of trade stands set up and all sorts of interesting artefacts from a past age.  
65462 and Saddle Tank No 2000 had been 'topping and tailing' the shuttle train.  This video clip of the yard was filmed during a break in the shuttle trains operations awaiting the arrival of an excursion train.  It shows 60532 'Blue Peter' looking absolutely magnificent even if it didn't has steam up.  Also included are 61994 'The Great Marquis' and 62005 'Lord of the Isles'. Thompson's B1 No. 1306 'Mayflower' has returned to the roundhouse turntable and is posing for photo opportunities.  The second B1 No. 61264 is still in the roundhouse behind Mayflower.  Mayflower as I'm sure you will all know is based on the Nene Valley Railway which is where I saw her last.  But she was in the shed there, and I couldn't get a decent photo!
 An rare site indeed - the two surviving B1's together in the roundhouse.  For a brief history of the Mayflower's past visit the link to the Mayflower Group's site.  For more information on 61264 the link will take you to the official site of the Thompson B1 Trust Meanwhile out in the yard the V2 No. 4771 sits quietly simmering away, prior to doing a turn on the shuttle passenger train. The link will take you to the GCR website where there is further information on the engine.  There is a video clip of the Green Arrow in action on page 2.  Other clips of the engine are available when the engine was in the workshops at the National Railway Museum on the York pages of this site.
In steam or not the A2 Pacific 4-6-2  No 60532 'Blue Peter' still makes a very impressive site.  The engine belongs to the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group and more information about the engine can be found on their site by following the above link. Engine No. 506 'Butler Henderson is not an engine type I ever recall seeing.  However, according to the GCR website the engine is the only surviving example of the original Great Central Railways passenger engine.  That makes it a very rare breed!
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