Barrow Hill Rail Power - 2008 (Monday 25th August)

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An early arrival at Barrow Hill meant I could get photo's without loads of people about.  In this clip diesel class 20 No 121 and 'Teddy Bear' D9520 take there turn on the passenger train shuttle.  Barrow Hill is a great day out and it's wonderful to see so many engines in steam (or even diesel!)  This link will take you to the preserved diesels website A stray photographer, and another passenger train shuttle,  This time, complete with a vintage carriage.  In charge are Peckett 0-6-0 Saddle Tank No 2000, and Beattie Well Tank 30587, both of whom are making light work of the task.  For a brief history of the Beattie engine 30587 please click on the link.
BR Standard 2-6-0 7801 looking well preserved!  The engine is usually based on the Great Central Railway but is owned by the Loughborough Standard Locomotives Group.  78019 is a classic example BR Standard Classes short working life, being completed in 1954 and scrapped just 12 years later.  For more information on the engine follow this link to the GCR. The slightly murky Barrow Hill Round House with 41709 in the foreground, and probably feeling quite at home, as the shed was its home for a number of years. The second engine is the GWR 0-6-0 Pannier Tank No 6430, and the Saddle Tank in the background is 0-4-0 'Henry'.  6430's well documented history can be found on the Llangollen Railway site by following the link
 At some stage in the morning 41709 obviously got towed outside and put on display, as it wasn't in steam.  Nothing like some fresh air to perk up a sleeping engine! Lancashire and Yorkshire Rail 0-6-0 Engine No 1300 also sits in the yard on display.  its amazing how all the major railway companies were using 0-6-0's on freight when they were building Pacifics for there passenger traffic.  It's also apparent that when this engine was built in 1896 nobody was too concerned about protecting the crew from the elements!
Part of the Southern Region after the 1923 regrouping this LBSC Terrier 0-6-0 No 662 'Martello' Tank Engine is restored to its original livery.  For more information on the Terriers follow this link to the Terrier Trust.  No 662 is based at the Bressingham Steam Museum and the link will take you there. The 'Catch me if you can' engine doesn't need much catching today!  Another first for me.  I've never seen a replica engine in steam before, although I have seen video's of various others.  Unfortunately for me it wasn't going anywhere in the morning.
A general view of the yard with London Transport 0-4-4 No 1 in the foreground. Diesel Class 26 No 007 sits on display looking absolutely immaculate.  Formerly No D5300 before the TOPS renumbering that gem of information was gleaned from the wnxx web site which contains comprehensive information on withdrawn and stored locomotives on the above link.
D9009 'Alycidon' also looking immaculate sits outside in the designated the Barrow Hill 'diesel and electric display area'. D1023 'Western Fusilier' sets of with its turn on the passenger shuttle.  The engine is part of the National Railway Museum's stock and brief details are available on the link.
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