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As soon as I returned from my trip to England I learnt the Great Western Railway engine 4-4-0 No 3404 'City of Truro' was a guest engine on the Strathspey Railway at Aviemore.  My initail reaction was "Oh! Bother. I've seen enough of trains over the past week to keep both me and my website happy for months"  However, come the middle of September and birthday commiserations had passed (the word commiseration is more appropriate than celebration at my age) then the steam engine bug began to bite again.  So on September 15th 2006 I set off to film it on its last day of service before it returned south.  Much to my surprise when I arrived at Boat of Garten the Royal Scotsman train was parked up for its overnight stay.  The passengers had already departed by coach for a days sightseeing and the train departed behind Diesel 31327 which took the coaches to Aviemore.  31327 was not away long enough to take them anywhere else but the coaches had departed from Aviemore by the early afternoon when I arrived.  Really made me wish I had gone to Aviemore earlier.
Strathspey Railway  Royal Scotsman, 31327 & D2774
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I decided to go straight to Boat of Garten as that was where the first train started from in the morning.  City of Truro had difficulty getting moving as the wrong kind of dew was on the line!  Or, more to the point, the engine's sanders only worked for forward travel.  Click the above 'Page 1' link to get to the page and see the videos.
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After The first train of the day left for Aviemore things started happening for the Royal Scotsman.  Click on the above link to get to the page. 
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All the videos on page 2 are of the City of Truro at Boat of Garten.  They show the engine arriving and depart for Aviemore and Broomhill.
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Having finally been started, 31327 takes the Royal Scotsman to Aviemore and returns as a light engine.  The videos are on the Page 2 link above.
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More video of the engine at Boat of Garten together with the engine at Aviemore running round the train.
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Some still pictures of City of Truro taken by Timon Rose, a Member of the Strathspey Railway.  And very good photo's they are too!
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 Contains a  video clip filmed passing Broomhill, or, as 'Monarch of the Glen' fans may know it better 'Glen Bogle'.  Also includes a video taken from the carriage window on the climb up from Broomhill back to Boat of Garten.
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