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The Northern Belle trip from Perth to Inverness in was a luxurious outing not to be missed in September 2006! A July 2006 holiday in Switzerland has provided me with a wealth of material including the Glacier & Bernina Express, Jungfrau Railway + the ICE trains
A colleague of mine went on a train holiday in Jordan and Syria. Here are the pictures for everyone's benefit. 1st May 2006 and the Green Express arrives in Dundee on an excursion trip. Videoed on the Tay Bridge and some still photographs as well.
A first time visit in August 2004 to a day out at the Great Central Railway where GWR Prairie Tank 4141 was workings. In 2005 on 28 May I was in Bolton for the weekend. From there it was only a short drive over to Bury, the East Lancs Railway, and their WW2 day.
Just a few days after visiting the Nene Valley Railway and I was off again to see some more steam engines at the Severn Valley Railway.  The Nene Valley Railway calls itself "Britain's International  Railway".  For me though the star of the show was B1 '1306 Mayflower'.
India - A Shatabdi Express - A taste of India! The Orcadian 2006 - Class 50's at Gleneagles Perth & Pitlochry
This page has a set of reproduction pictures, showing famous express trains and the set of stamps they were used on. A visit to the Swanage Railway on 10th September 2005 a good choice, as the railway was holding a steam gala day with West Country 34028 starring.
August 2006 was a day's visit to the Midland Railway Centre when they were having a vintage carriage day Strangely enough, a trip to England to see relatives in Yorkshire, happened to coincide with the Barrow Hill Steam Gala on 10 Nov 2007. 
The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in August 2006 saw GWR Pannier Tank 9466 in steam and other interesting sights as well. An Easter 2006 meant a trip to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.  On duty that day were a BR Standard 2-6-4 Tank and an LMS 0-6-0 'Jinty'.
Sunday 10th Sept 2006 and the Strathspey Railway at Aviemore was host to City of Truro and the Royal Scotsman.   Visit the York index page for the North York's Moors Railway and the National Rail Museum.  A trip from March 2007. 
Perth pages. Includes 'The Orcadian' 2007.  Plus links to other video clips including 'The Great Britain' and 'Autumn Highlander'. Saturday 4th August 2007 and the Compass Tour train the Pendle Scotsman arrives in Perth.
Holiday time and the West Somerset Railway beckoned in June / July 2007.  Thursday 15th May 2008 was as special day in Alloa when the first passenger train in forty years left for Stirling.  Motive power on the day was K4 61994 and Deltic 55022
The Great Britain II came to Scotland over Easter 2009 and was videoed at Perth, Pitlochry, and Ladybank.


Rushden Historical Transport Society Gala Day 2nd Sept. 2007, a link to train spotting in the 1950's at Irchester, and a link to the Pete Brooksby Collection.
Sunday May 18th 2008 and the Gresley K4 'The Great Marquess' is the motive power for two Scottish Railway Preservation Society's trips around the Edinburgh Suburban and Fife Circles.    
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